My COVID Vaccine

Like (doctor) Mom, like (doctor) daughter. We did it for each other.⁠ It has been one week since my 2nd dose of my (Pfizer) COVID-19 vaccine. The side effects I experienced were limited to about one day of arm soreness, which I am so grateful to report as one of the first cancer patients to…Continue reading »

Good Bye 2020

We all know what 2020 was like. So much loss-  of health, of happiness, of  livelihood and loss of lives. Specifically, 1.81 million lives lost worldwide, as of today, due to COVID-19. I guess I’m fortunate to feel like I’ve gained more than I have lost this year. But some of my losses are worth…Continue reading »

Expecting the Unexpected

Due back to work this month, I have been feeling anxious about my return during the pandemic and after being away for so long. This has been the longest break I have had from medicine ever. I was worried about how I’d transition back.  Being an attending was really hard for me. Much harder than…Continue reading »

Indian Women Get Breast Cancer

Last week I gave a virtual lecture on breast cancer basics and how to perform a breast exam to doctors in India participating in the Global Association of Indian Medical Students (GAIMS). I had to tap into my creative side to best demonstrate the breast exam via Zoom and thanks to my daughters extensive Minnie…Continue reading »

Bye Boobs – Part 2

In the OR I closed my eyes as me, like I’ve always known myself to be. A blink later – actually, about 5 hours later – I opened my eyes to my new body, with enough attachments that I felt like an octopus trapped on land. My chest was covered with an activated charcoal dressing…Continue reading »

Bye Boobs – Part 1

5 days ago, my breasts were surgically removed. This is known as a double or bilateral mastectomy. I reached remission about 8 weeks ago after undergoing an oncoplastic reduction. My surgery included removal of the tumor (aka partial mastectomy or lumpectomy), sentinel lymph node dissection and a bilateral breast reduction. Oh, I also had an…Continue reading »